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Why EPS Fuel Saver
1. 20% reduction in fuel consumption
2. Reduced Engine Vibrations
3. Improved Engine Performance
4. Rapid Return on Investment (ROI)
5. No Alterations to Engine/Fuel Line
6. Simple one-time installation
7. Environmentally friendly
8. Maintenance free
9. Efficient on Petrol, Diesel, Gas

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Save Up To 20% Of Your Car Fuel Consumption!

It is a fuel economizer and pollution reduction device, which utilizes magnetic hydrodynamic technology to improve the combustion of hydrocarbon (HC) fuels. It can be easily installed in minutes by shaping it onto the fuel line just before the Carburetor, Fuel Injector or Diesel Pump.

The construction of the fuel saver is based on the most up-to-date information on the treatment of fossil fuels by magnetic fields and detailed tests are regulary conducted in co-operation with various interested parties. Only the best materials and the most efficient and user-friendly design has been choosen for this product.

Note: This product is suitable for any type of Car, Van, Boat, Bus or Generator. petrol fuel saver_eps4

Why EPS Fuel Saver?
1. Save up to 20% on Fuel Consumption (Guaranteed for most Vehicles)
2. 20% - 40% Reduction in carbon Emissions (Guaranteed)
3. 25% -35% Reduction in HC Emissions (hydrocarbons = wasted fuel)
4. 10% - 20% Reduction in NOx Emissions (nitrous oxide = toxic gas)
5. Reduced Engine Vibrations
6. Improved Engine Performance
7. Rapid Return on Investment (ROI)
8. No Alterations to Engine/Fuel Line
9. Simple one-time installation
10. Environmentally friendly
11. Maintenance free (no moving parts)
12. Efficient on Petrol, Diesel, Gas (all types of Hydrocarbons)

How EPS Fuel Saver work?
It uses magnetic hydrodynamic technology to improve the combustion of hydrocarbon (HC) fuels. When the HC fuel is passed through the fuel saver, the HC molecules are temporarily ionized and create Positively Aligned Molecules (PAM). The ionized HC fuel results in a complete combustion when in contact with negatively charged oxygen (air-fuel mixture)

Most engine combustion is incomplete due to the molecular clusters of HC fuel in the fuel line. In normal cases, 30% of the fuel is wasted and carbonized, and only 70% of the burnt provides the real power. EPS Fuel Saver solves this problem by increasing the combustion of fuel.

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Why EPS Petrol Fuel Saver Is Effective?

The EPS Fuel Saver is a fuel economiser and pollution reduction device which utilises magnetic hydrodynamic technology to improve the combustion of hydrocarbon fuels. Mostly, engine combustion is incomplete due to the molecular clusters of hydrocarbon fuel. In normal cases, only about 70% of the total burnt fuel provides the real power, with 30% of the fuel wasted and carbonised.

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The EPS fuel saver is the solution to this problem. When the fuel is passed through the fuel saver, the hydrocarbon molecules are temporarily ionised and create positively aligned molecules (P.A.M). The ionised hydrocarbon fuel results in a complete combustion when in contact with the negative oxygen (air-fuel mixture).

The growing population of motor vehicles contributes to air pollution worldwide. Our field trials clearly indicate that the Fuel Saver can help in reducing up to 30% of carbon and other toxic emissions.

Competitive Advantages

1. Other Magnetic Fuel Savers
Although some magnetic fuel saver products have appeared in the market over the past few years, they have mainly failed due to major flaws in the design and failure to deliver substantial fuel savings.

The conventional fuel savers mainly failed due the following reasons:
1. The fuel line had to be cut in some cases.
2. Cumbersome installation only through a qualified mechanic.
3. Bulky and difficult to mount.
4. Simple North - South pole design.
5. Poor magnetic material and gauss levels.
6. No real savings on diesel or gasoline fuel.
7. Different models for different engine sizes.
The EPS fuel saver unit on the other hand was designed and manufactured to resolve all these issues. The unique 3 tier technology offers very high savings in fuel consumption as well as works equally well on types of fuel and engine sizes.

2. Chemical Based Additives
A number of chemical based engine treatments are available in the market and claim to reduce fuel consumption as well as CO emissions. However these chemicals are designed to clean the fuel channel and their affect deteriorates with time, usually within 3 -6 months.

After this period, consumers are generally required to use the treatments again, in order to reduce the fuel consumption. The EPS fuel saver however rectifies the root cause of the problem that generates toxic emissions and causes up to 30% of the fuel to be wasted in the form of carbon deposits.

Can I Install The Fuel Saver Device Myself?

YES, You can!

The installation of the EPS Fuel Saver is very easy. Simply clip the Fuel Saver on to the fuel line, close to the fuel pump or fuel injector rail, and secure it in place (at both ends) using the cable ties provided.

BUT I if you cannot find your car's fuel line, you can drive your car to the workshop and seek for help. And they did it for me in 2 minutes. NO CHARGE, or just some tips.

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This is how it looks after the installation. And you can see there are double fuel saver device installed to save up even more!

One Time Investment And Reduce Your Petrol Cost Every Month!

EPS Petrol Fuel Saver - 1 Unit
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Normal Retail Price: RM230
Shipping Cost: RM15
Total: RM245
Special Promotion Price: RM180
(Save RM65 + Free Shipping)
1 Year Warranty
(Note: Limited time Promotion)


EPS Petrol Fuel Saver - 2 Units
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Normal Retail Price: RM460
Shipping Cost: RM15
Total: RM475
Special Promotion Price: RM340
(Save RM135 + Free Shipping)
1 Year Warranty
(Note: Limited time Promotion)


P.S. Simple one-time installation and reduce your petrol cost every month! You can see the Return on Investment (ROI) in short period. EPS Petrol Fuel Saver can reduced your engine vibrations and improved your engine performance.

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